Teach Me Diabetes

Being Active


Incorporating any type of daily physical movement into you day, structured or unstructured, can decrease your time spent sitting, keep your blood sugar closer to ideal target levels, and reduce or prevent health issues.

How do I fit activity into my daily life?

It may be hard to find the time or motivation to begin being active.  You can combat this by choosing the best activities that fit into your daily life, such as walking more, chair exercises or working out at the gym. A diabetes educator can help you decide on an impactful, enjoyable routine that can fit into your lifestyle. Keep track of your activity. This will help you feel good about yourself and track your progress!

Simple Ways to be active :

At Home:

- Walk your dog

- Work in your yard/garden

- Clean house lift weights or walk around room while watching TV


At Work:

- walk at lunch

- take the stairs

- standing while taking on the phone or reading


When you're out:

- go dancing

- tai chi

- park further from the door (store or home) to get some extra steps in!